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I am a PhD candidate in linguistics at UMass Amherst and a member of UMass NLP Lab. I'm advised by Prof. Rajesh Bhatt and Prof. Mohit Iyyer. I completed my master's degree in linguistics at University of Konstanz, advised by Prof. Maribel Romero. My research interests lie in semantics, syntax-semantics interface, and natural language processing.
Current projects: grammar error explanation and factuality evaluation.


Other works


*Fall 2023 TA: Cognitive Modeling (LING692C)

Spring 2023 TA: Advanced Natural Language Processing (CS685)

†Fall 2022 Instructor: How Language Works: Introduction to Linguistic Theory (R2) (LING201)

*Spring 2022 TA: Introduction to Semantics (LING510)

*Fall 2021 TA: Introduction to Computational Linguistics (LING509)

*Spring 2021 TA: How Language Works: Introduction to Linguistic Theory (R2) (LING201)

*Fall 2020 TA: People and Their Language (LING101)

*Fall 2018 TA: Core Components of Language B (Master's program class)

* With weekly tutorial session, homework grading, office hour;

† With weekly teaching sessions, homework grading, office hour

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